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How To Play Sorceress Advanced Class in Lost Ark?

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    May 4

    During this YouTube video, Asmongold Lost Ark Gold speaks about the simplicity Lost Ark players have in upgrading their Tier 3 1,300 gear in the early stages and how quickly the system becomes slower around item level 1,340. Asmongold says that at this point, Lost Ark players will see reduced upgrades to their equipment which will result in a large loss of material. When you consider how many items are needed between 1,340 and 1,370 , despite appearing to be close in the level of items, Asmongold suggests "access to a credit card" gives players access to for more dungeons and matchmaking and much more for players.

    Lost Ark players who notice lower success in upgrading their items around level 1,350 will experience relief when they've reached level 1,370, as it's much easier to upgrade gear using various items that aren't accessible at that level. Asmongold has pointed out this leads to a "rich become better" situation where the players who have higher levels of item can upgrade their gear faster and earn more money through equipment which "make your Lost Ark characters more powerful." While Asmongold acknowledged the few players who manage to attain 1,370 or Lost Ark raids, without having to spend an actual amount to get there, he also believes it requires an unreasonable length of time in order to achieve a high item level.

    Asmongold is one of best place to buy Lost Ark Gold several Twitch streamers that have called Lost Ark a pay-to-win game from the time of its Western release, as he believes that upgrading the level of an item is essentially a way to win and he's admitted that certain Lost Ark players feel it's essential to pay to upgrade their equipment. According to the well-known Twitch streamer Asmongold, this aspect of the game is more evident with the rules of the Argos Abyssal Raid. That's why it's been an issue with the game for certain players. Since Smilegate released the Argos raid along with the Lost Ark March patch, the developer might be looking at player feedback, such as that of Asmongold to better balance the content in a future update.