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2K Sports gets away with the microtransaction hustle

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    May 10

    A lot of attention has been NBA 2K22 MT paid to NBA 2K22's extremely sloppy positioning of products and its obnoxious relentless pressure on players to spend more money, specifically within MyCareer. These are in no doubt terms, disrespectful to the base of players that have played for years as well as to everyone who paid an average of $700 (or more) for the base game.

    However, at the very least MyCareer, which in NBA 2K21 adds MMO-like quests and a myriad of other off-court objectives and gives me the sense that I'm the middle of a system seeking to profit from me- much like the big commercial aspect of sports. Additionally, it lets me know it's okay to act in my personal desire is a valid and reasonable choice as long as it's also supported.

    The character of the player in MyCareer is constantly browsing a fake Twitter feed (whose authenticity, again and above all other shows' attempts) and will find individuals pleading their cause in a controversy as much as they'll find get-off-mylawn-grandpas like Perkins chiding them for not making a fuss and being thankful. You have a personnel manager and also a choice of two agencies to represent you. Both of them made my "Social Samurai" act of agitation for more time on the field seem like a good business sense.

    2K Sports gets away with Buy NBA 2K Coins the microtransaction hustle and in-game advertisements of MyCareer -- barely -since it's a part of active role-playing and other lifestyle elements. The game's developer has put its hands into players' cookie jars every throughout 2014 and and the players haven't stopped coming back.