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Lost Ark: How To Be Defeated World Boss Salt Giant

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    Jun 17

    Lost Ark: How To Be Defeated Lost Ark Gold World Boss Salt Giant

    We all remember stumbling into the fire ring just outside of the Nomad Camp in the first experience with Lost Ark, and the initial panic that followed after the discovery of a huge rock giant with over a million HP. It's the Salt Giant. Salt Giant is likely one of the first World Bosses that you found in the game, prior to knowing what an actual World Boss was.

    Beating these monsters throughout Arkesia is a major step towards finishing your Adventurer's Tome for each Lost Ark continent. While finding the Salt Giant might be fairly easy, getting it to be killed is quite a challenge.

    Where to Find The Salt Giant

    Map of Saland Hill with orange circle showing the location of Salt Giant

    In the unlikely event that you didn't encounter The Salt Giant during your Yudia exploration, you'll find this lumbering foe just to the east of the Nomad Camp within Saland Hill, right before the land bridge which brings visitors into Thorngrip Den.

    The salt giant releases an attack in the form of cheapest Lost Ark Gold an aoe circle to harm a player in a plain area