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The leavers won't lose their $10,000 VC

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    Apr 30

    So, you can open Your Nba 2k22 Mt MyCareer, especially with a profile that's worked past all the opening tutorials. Then, head to Brickley's Gym that's marked on the City map. Then, enter the building, and begin your first game by talking about the NPC inside. When your badge progress comes up at the conclusion of the match, end and quit the game.

    Log back in, and instantly accelerate your speed through the left bumper. If the glitch has been fixed right, you'll see that it's still playing as though you have never played the game and you'll get to keep whatever badge progress or VC you have earned from your previous victory. You can continue playing that first match, continue to win and enjoy the rewards.

    Another quick VC technique that has been making waves within the community of 2K in the past few hours involves a glitch on the current-gen courts. This glitch is specifically best on the 10-k VC courts, however it's actually applicable to any court that you'd like to earn a smaller reward.

    As highlighted in his video by Geminus the trick will require a completely empty court and a lot of coordination. Two teams load in and then, right when the player's name is in white after all players are present, wait for five minutes and let one team with three players leave the field with the other team.

    The leavers won't lose their buy 2k22 mt $10,000 VC and those still left are able to take on some simple AI opponents. It's very laborious, however when you consider that 10,000 VC likely to be just the line for every throw game, there's a chance to be rich , with only a small risk.Go to the court for practice and practicing dunks may be a simple step to ensure you stay ahead of competition in NBA 2K22. Learning the techniques during the game might be difficult to execute consistently, therefore, getting it right first with practice is the key for long-term success.