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NBA 2K22 offers the latest locker codes available

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    May 25

    The Takeoff Series released NBA 2K22 MT a fourth edition, starring a 99-overall Dark Matter Draymond Green, an 98-overall Galaxy Opal Dino Radja, the 96-overall Pink Diamond Luka Doncic, and 94-overall Diamond Michael Cooper. Anyone who has multiples of any unit can trade them in for an Hall Of Fame Quick First Step Badge. They will be able to use it until May 10 to purchase the series packs are available for purchase.

    For players looking to get some free content, NBA 2K22 offers the latest locker codes available that allows players to choose of either an Glitched Series Pack or five tokens. Players will have until May 10 to redeem the code GLITCHED-PACK-OR-TOKENS-F95XS before it's gone.

    NBA 2K22 MyTeam Triple Threat and Clutch Time Reward Revealed

    2K Games releases new content for NBA 2K22, including a significant amount of Galaxy Opal, Pink Diamond and Diamond units obtainable through challenges. On April 29, NBA 2K22 unveiled a great amount of brand new content within the game, with a variety of new units available through challenges. Players who enjoy myTeam in the MyTeam version of NBA 2K22 are now able to begin adding new units their squads as part the NBA's centennial celebration.

    In all, seven Galaxy Opals, two Pink NBA 2K MT Coins Diamonds and three Diamonds, and one Amethyst are playing the game and have some of most recognizable names in the game. Whether it's help on defense or bringing in one of the top power forwards of NBA 2K22's lengthy list of new features contains everything for everybody.