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Madden 23 is the next instalment in the hugely popular NFL games

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    Jun 5

    While the Madden team might Madden 22 coins have missed an excellent opportunity to have #22 featured on the inside cover Madden 22, Derrick Henry's year would've become a source of fodder to the Madden Curse crowd following his injury. was injured for a third of the way through the season . He also looked ineffective in his one playoff game post-injury. However, there is no doubt about Henry's incredible ability to continue to pound the ball, therefore he'll be back next year to prove that he can be the best running defender on the NFL.

    John Madden, famed head coach and broadcaster

    After John Madden retired as one of the most famous Head coaches of NFL history, he went on to establish himself as one of most famous colour commentators of NFL broadcasting history. In fact, it's also named on the box of every Madden although his voice hasn't been heard in the game, or on his face is on the cover for a long time. In the wake of his passing, expect to see the Madden team to pay tribute to the late legend in some way. You can be sure there will be a mention of him on the game's premium edition, which is likely to be called the All-Madden Edition, if we could guess. But maybe he'll even appear as the cover for the game's standard box art as well.

    Madden 23's date of release rumours - when does the NFL game be released?

    Madden 23 is the next instalment buy Mut 22 coins in the hugely popular NFL games. It has a Franchise mode available for players who want to experience a true management of teams, and lets players have control over their preferred teams during seasons of game play. Ultimate Team is synonymous with EA sports games and it's no different in this case when the mode comes back for Madden 23.