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Quote from The Odyssey

  • "Here I am at your mercy, princess-- are you a goddess or a mortal? If one of the gods who rule the skies up there, you're Artemis to the life, the daughter of mighty Zeus--I see her now--just look at your build, your bearing, your lithe flowing grace... But if you're one of the mortals living here on earth, three times blest are your father, your queenly mother, three times blest over your brothers too. How often their hearts must warm with joy to see you striding into the dances-- such a bloom of beauty. True, but he is the one more blest than all other men alive, that man who sways you with gifts and leads you home, his bride! I have never laid eyes on anyone like you, neither man nor woman... I look at you and a sense of wonder takes me." -Homer, The Odyssey, Book 6: The Princess and the Stranger (Lines 163-177)

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