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Best Path Of Exile Build 3.19 - Top 7 Best League Start Builds

  • Builds play an important role in Path of Exile, such as the progression of their characters' statistics, skills, and equipment over the course of the game. What are the best POE league start builds 1.09? This guide is going to take you through some League Start Builds in order to get ready for the next patch that is going to be released.

    Best POE 3.19 Build - Top 7 Best League Start Builds In Path Of Exile
    Just what does it mean when people talk about "league start builds"? When playing Path of Exile, think of each League as a different chapter in a book. Each League is home to a sizeable chunk of the game's overall narrative as well as its gameplay. When you start a new chapter, you are still able to remember what happened in the previous one; however, the book itself has changed, and buy PoE Orbs no longer have the clothes that you were wearing in the previous chapter. Let me explain.

    Your character will be automatically transferred to the new League when it begins; however, you will need to create a new character to use in the new League in order to participate in that League. You have kept all of your map progression, items in your stash, and gear, as well as any items acquired through microtransactions. In addition, any cheap poe items purchased with in-game currency have been preserved. League start builds are so-called because they are intended to be played at the beginning of a new league with the least amount of time and effort invested possibly. Now that you have an understanding of what they are, let's get started on this.

    A word of caution before we get started with these builds: Path of Exile builds have the potential to be very complicated; have you explored the skill tree for this game? If I were to go into detail with each individual build, then this article would need to be turned into a book in order to accommodate all of the information. You will be provided with a link to the appropriate build page or documentation for the builds so that you can follow along on your own. This is done so that everything can be kept as straightforward as possible.

    No.1 POE 3.19 Best Build
    The Explosive Arrow Elementalist is a fantastic build that calls for the player to make only a small initial investment of their resources. It has a slow movement speed, but it can easily eliminate large groups of enemies and can deal with bosses quite easily using the ballista. Despite its slow movement speed, it can easily eliminate large groups of enemies. The only drawback is that it cannot map an extremely large area. If you are using this build and are getting close to a month in the game, it is strongly recommended that you switch to a different one at that point in time. The fact that this build does not scale well into the late game is the primary drawback to using it.

    No.2 POE 3.19 Best Build

    The Blade Flurry, also known as the General's CryThe Berserker build is excellent for quickly and easily melting bosses, and it should be used whenever it is possible to do so. This is not a melee build in the traditional sense, and you shouldn't play it that way either. It relies on Mirage Warriors to deal the majority of the damage and clear the area, so you shouldn't play it that way either. The problem with warriors is that they are not particularly effective at killing groups of enemies on a consistent basis. This is due to the fact that it is difficult to predict what they will attack, which in turn slows down the rate at which progress is being made toward the objective. Keep in mind, too, that the structure itself can be molded in a lot of different ways.

    No.3 POE 3.19 Best Build

    The Fire That Is RighteousThe Inquisitor build is not only a build of high quality, but it is also a build that has a significant amount of documentation that is extremely detailed. Because of how wonderful it is and how user-friendly the build can become for newcomers, a significant portion of the community adores it for both of these reasons. The only drawback it has in comparison to the other builds on this list is the investment that you need to make, but it has a high capacity for survival, and it is excellent at clearing maps and bosses.

    No.4 POE 3.19 Best Build

    The Bane Occultist build places a strong emphasis on accurate mapping and performing well when it comes to eliminating groups of enemies with its bane. If you want to finish clearing maps as quickly as possible, this is the best possible build for you to use. Bear in mind that in spite of the fact that it performs adequately against bosses, it is still susceptible to being defeated in certain circumstances. The most significant weakness of this build is the fact that it does not scale well into later maps.

    No.5 POE 3.19 Best Build

    A number of players have recently discovered that the Seismic Trap is effective. Their build makes Saboteur a very good class choice for them. The seismic trap ability, on its own, is very helpful for mapping because it can quickly and easily eliminate groups of enemies. This makes the skill very useful. The build, however, truly shines in its ability to boss better than any other build on the list. This is where the POE 3.7 Legion Builds really shines. It will place a number of traps in the area where the boss will spawn, but the boss will easily eliminate them all. Additionally, the build scales very well, and it is the type of build that POE 3.7 Legion Meta Builds will frequently bring with you when  play on higher-tier maps.

    No.6 POE 3.19 Best Build

    If the last build was the best one for taking down bosses, then this one is the best one for mapping out the available options. The Poisonous Compound in the MixtureBecause it makes use of poisons with an area of effect and the plague bearer to quickly dispose of large groups of foes, the Occultist/Pathfinder build is an excellent choice for use when mapping. This build has the potential to result in improved boss fights due to its combat capabilities. If you place a high priority on surviving, the Pathfinder is the better option than the Occultist because of the latter's potential exposure to danger. One of the many appealing aspects of this building endeavor is the fact that the amount of money that must be invested in its completion is extremely low.

    No.7 POE 3.19 Best Build

    There are many different possible combinations of attributes that can be used for the Lightning Strike build. Some examples of these are the Berserker, Champion, and Raider attributes. The Champion, on the other hand, would have the slowest mapping speed due to the increased survivability it provides, while the Raider would have the fastest mapping speed. The fact that this build can be easily modified to work well in later maps is without a doubt the most impressive aspect of it. This is the build you should choose if you only want to use one throughout the entirety of the game, from the very beginning to the very end. The primary problem is that advancing to higher tiers requires a significant financial investment on the part of the player in order to achieve level advancement.