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How to earn Winter Tokens and obtain exclusive items from the W

  • When is the winter event in New World going to take place this year? You're probably looking forward to seeing what the people of Aeternum get up to around the time of the winter solstice, no matter what you celebrate or don't celebrate at all. If you're a New World player, you're probably also looking forward to seeing what the people of Aeternum get up to around the time of the winter solstice. Surely, on an island that is so in tune with both nature and magic, there must be some way to commemorate the occasion? According to the results of their own Winter Convergence Festival, they do indeed exist.

    Amazon Game Studios is celebrating the first holiday season of their massively multiplayer online game with a new update that introduces a series of time-limited, festive events into the game. Continue reading for more information on the event's start and end dates, freebies giveaway, and how to earn exclusive store items by participating.

    Which dates and times will the New World Winter Convergence Festival be held?

    The Winter Convergence Festival event will take place in new world gold between December 16th, 2021, and January 11th, 2022, and will be available to players at that time. You'll have a little more than a month to take advantage of everything the celebration has to offer.

    In addition to the new content that will be available throughout the duration of the event, a series of smaller time-limited item giveaways will be available from December 17th to December 27th.

    When is the Winter Convergence Giveaway taking place, and what kinds of prizes can you win?

    While the Winter Convergence Festival will be accompanied by a series of freebies given to dedicated players who simply log on every couple of days during the holiday season, the festival will be done in a more traditional Christmas-lite manner.

    Throughout the course of an 11-day period, there will be five waves of free items to be claimed from the in-game store. You only need to log on once during each window of time to claim all of the items in that wave from the in-game store.

    A complete list of Winter Convergence Giveaway items in New World, as well as their respective availability dates, can be found below:

    Hunter's Festive Coat (armor skin) & 2x Convergence Poinsettia (housing items) on December 17-18.

    Hunter's Festive Furs (trousers armor skin) and Hunter's Festive Trappers (boots armor skin) will be available on December 19-20.

    December 21-22: Convergence Mistletoe (a housing item) and Hunter's Festive Gloves (an armor skin) are available.

    The 23rd and 24th of December: Shiver (emote).

    Hunter's Festive Hood (helmet armor skin) and Wreath (housing item) are available from December 25 to December 27.

    Instructions on how to obtain Winter Tokens while participating in the Winter Convergence Festival

    Christmas-themed activities with an MMO twist will be introduced to New World during the Winter Convergence Festival. The majority of these activities will be limited in duration. Winter Tokens are earned through these event-exclusive quests and interactions, which can be redeemed in the Convergence Shop for a variety of festive skins, emotes, consumables, and decorative items that are appropriate for the season.

    Participating in the following activities will allow you to accumulate Winter Tokens:

    To find the Winter Wanderer, visit any of the four temporary Holiday Villages that have been set up in Everfall, Monarch's Bluffs, Brightwood, or Weaver's Fen (you'll recognize him because he's the yeti), and speak with him. When you accept whichever side-quest he chooses from his randomised, repeatable pool of them, you'll be rewarded with Winter Tokens at the conclusion of the mission.

    Trees of Light have sprouted up in the middle of every settlement's central plaza. Use any of these trees up to three times per day, and each time you interact with one of them, loot the nearby Exquisite Gift Piles to receive a gift that can be exchanged for Winter Tokens. Christmas Trees of Light with higher upgrade levels produce gifts that are more attractively wrapped and therefore worth more Winter Tokens. Aside from that, players who have reached Level 60 will receive Diamond Gypsum item upgrade materials with each gift they receive.

    You can assist with the aforementioned tasks, while also earning even more Winter Tokens by decorating and upgrading your settlement's Tree of Light by completing The Convergence Spirit and other festive Town Projects available on the Project Board.

    Each of the temporary Winter Holiday Villages has its own Tree of Lights, which this year also includes a Bountiful Gift Sack in close proximity. Each of these works in the same way as Exquisite Gift Piles, with the exception that you can only loot them once per day.

    However, because you can repeat this activity at every Holiday Village location each day, you can actually earn four lots of Winter Tokens per day from this activity if you put in the effort.

    Keep an eye out for meteors in the night sky and track them down to the location where they fell in order to harvest Gleamite, a rainbow-colored crystal that can be exchanged for Winter Tokens at the Holiday Huts in the temporary villages (at a rate of 10 Gleamite to 1 token). Remember to bring your best pickaxe with you to the job site as well!

    Recover Lost Presents that have spawned randomly across the map and return them to the Holiday Huts in exchange for Winter Tokens (at a rate of 3 Lost Presents to 1 Winter Token). Some Lost Presents can be picked up right off the ground, while others are flying through the air and will require the use of a ranged weapon to bring them down safely.

    Embark on the Winter Convergence questline, which consists of seven new story quests that delves into the lore and conflicts surrounding the event. The quest chain will require you to be at least Level 15 to begin, and you'll need to be at max level to complete it, but the very first quest will walk you through the basics of gathering Winter Tokens from the various sources listed above, and you'll earn regular quest XP while you're doing it.