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12V 100Ah battery FAQ

  • 12V 100Ah battery: It means the capacity of the battery is 100AH and the discharge voltage of the battery is 12V.

    Definition of 12V 100Ah battery parameters: The nominal capacity of small storage batteries is measured in mA-h, while the nominal capacity of large storage batteries is measured in A-h, kA-h. The telecommunications industry often takes the nominal capacity values of C10 and C8. For example, the common Deka battery 12AVR100SH for 12V single, 100 A-h capacity, that is, continuous discharge 10h, the current is 10A, a total of 10 * 10 = 100 A-h (actual test, in order to keep the current value of constant, when the voltage changes, the external circuit load should be adjusted in order to measure).

    Battery: A device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy is called a chemical battery, generally referred to as a battery. After being discharged, it is able to regenerate the active substance inside by charging – storing electrical energy as chemical energy; when it needs to be discharged it again converts chemical energy into electrical energy. This type of battery is called a Storage Battery, also known as a secondary battery.

    How long can a 12v 100ah battery supply a 12v 100w appliance?

    12v 100ah means that at 12v it can output at 100A for one hour, which means that it can supply energy w=12*100*3600=4320000J, so it can supply this appliance for t=w/100=43200s