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What to do if there is a problem with the full hd endoscope cam

  • What should I do if there is a problem with the full hd endoscope camera? The common fault of the video recording system: the foot switch fails. The video connection cable is in poor contact. Computer hardware failure. System software or image acquisition software failure. Common faults of the light source system: the light is dimmed. Except for the reason of the grating occlusion, it is basically certain that the bulb is approaching its service life, and a new bulb can be replaced. The service life of the xenon light bulb is generally designed to be 500 hours. If the light source system has a life timer device, this problem can be easily solved. The light bulb does not light up. If the reason for burning the light bulb is ruled out, then the problem often lies in the high-voltage ignition circuit of the host, because when the machine is turned on, the machine will generate a pulsed high voltage of tens of thousands of volts, and the components will age very quickly. Note that you cannot use a multimeter to check the pulsed high voltage at this time.

    Common faults of artificial pneumoperitoneum system: the pressure display is incorrect. This is mostly because the gas pressure sensor is damaged. If the full hd endoscope camera is designed with a group of multiple differential pressure sensors working at the same time, generally when one of them is aging or polluted and cannot work, we need to replace this group of sensors, otherwise only one of them will be replaced. , the life of other sensors in the same group is also close to critical. Flow is not accurate. The gas flow sensor can be replaced if it is damaged. Sometimes the flow is calculated by the differential pressure, at this time we need to replace the new differential pressure sensor. Equipment leaks. In many cases, it is caused by the aging of the device sealing ring. However, there are also reasons for the leakage of the mechanical pressure reducing valve of the equipment and the damage of the solenoid valve, which is relatively easy to judge and repair.

    Common failures of liquid pressurization systems: peristaltic pump damage. Broken fluid pressure sensor. The principle is basically the same as that of the gas pressure sensor. The internal circuit of the device is damaged. Common failures of electrocoagulation and cutting systems: damage to equipment accessories. Such as foot switch, negative plate wire, connecting wire and other commonly used vulnerable accessories. CUT, coagulation, bipolar faults. Inside the device, these parts are all composed of different circuit modules. We can repair or replace the corresponding module circuit according to its failure phenomenon. Common faults of power and ablation systems: The power system is mainly the wear of the planer head and the problem of the high-energy motor in the planer handle, and the replacement of the motor is selective, and not every motor has replacement parts. Therefore, special attention should be paid to protection during disinfection and use. Ablation systems in surgical applications are mainly the loss of the cutter head. The equipment failures are mostly circuit failures, generally starting from the output part.

    Common failures of the irrigation suction system: insufficient pressure or suction. The two-way pump in the full hd endoscope camera is aging, or the negative pressure bottle is leaking. If the equipment cannot be turned on, it is usually because the liquid enters the equipment. It is enough to clean up the wrongly sucked liquid without burning the relevant parts.

    What are the common faults when using the full hd endoscope camera?

    After a long-term maintenance of instruments and equipment in the operating room, it is found that faults can be divided into complex faults, medium faults and simple faults according to the difficulty of maintenance and the size of the fault. According to statistical analysis, the probability of complex faults is only 15% (such as the failure of the main engine and the main circuit). Due to various conditions, this part of the fault cannot be completed in a short time in the operating room, and must be removed for maintenance. What are the common faults when using the full hd endoscope camera? Medium faults account for about 25%, while simple faults account for about 60%, of which faults caused by improper use or operation errors account for about 30%. No matter what kind of failure, we must understand the working principle of the instrument and handle it with rich maintenance experience and technology.

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