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Whether the light-emitting color of the industrial outdoor led

  • At present, there are many small enterprise packaging factories in China because they do not have color resolvers. The color of the light will be different, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality.

    industrial outdoor led lighting workmanship

    Under normal circumstances, it is processed by fully automatic machines, with exquisite workmanship and good-looking appearance. If the workmanship is not good, it means that it is made manually, which proves that the company is not strong.

    Housing material for industrial outdoor led lighting

    Generally, the corn lamp will use aluminum lamp body and plastic lamp holder. Aluminum not only has a beautiful and smooth appearance, no roughness, but also has good heat dissipation performance.

    Brightness of industrial outdoor led lighting

    The prices of industrial outdoor led lighting with different brightness are different, and there is a certain gap between the price of ordinary brightness and high-brightness industrial outdoor led lighting. Therefore, when customers understand, they must clearly know what kind of brightness they need, so that they can accurately locate their products, so that manufacturers can give you accurate prices.

    Remind customers not to blindly pursue low prices and low prices when choosing industrial outdoor led lighting. Sometimes LED lamps with low quality are not as long as traditional lamps and have high brightness, so they also lose the meaning of high brightness and long life of LED lamps.

    In order to better solve the problem of heat dissipation, a corn lamp with an all-aluminum lamp body was developed. The lamp body is made of aluminum material, and the aluminum substrate is added. It can solve the problem of heat dissipation very well, thereby increasing the life of lamps and lanterns

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