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Correct use of switch socket mould!

  • Correct use of the switch socket mould method is undoubtedly the greatest help for the product. Sometimes, the correct use can prevent some accidents from happening. The socket can prevent the occurrence of socket fire accidents. What is the reason!

    To prevent the fire accident of the power socket of the product word socket, first check whether there is a problem in the production quality of the switch socket mould, and if any problem is found, it should be eliminated in time. Before installation, check the matching with the electrical appliances used. In general, the specifications of the power sockets selected should be more than 2 times the current of the electrical appliances. For appliances that are often plugged in and unplugged, the socket specification should be more than 3 times the current of the appliance. Secondly, there is no gap between the flat socket plate and the junction box. The stripping of the wiring should not be too long. The exposed part of the wire core should not exceed the terminal after wiring. The wiring ring should be wound clockwise. The padding and tightening of the screws should be even and appropriate. For the plug-in terminal, if it is a single-core copper wire Directly insert and tighten, if it is a multi-strand flexible wire or aluminum wire, it is best to add a metal gasket between the top of the wire and the bolt to prevent the bolt from crushing and breaking the wire core.

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