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How to maintain the mobile fume extraction unit

  • The mobile fume extraction unit uses a thick steel plate, which is fixed with the gas cylinder and is generally used to grind the ball structure. According to the different diameters and necessary proportions, the barrels are added, and the cutting material will most likely be steel. So how to carry out the maintenance of mobile fume extraction unit?

    1. If the outside air is injected into the filter device, the internal temperature will change. The air conditioner leaking prefabricated components reduce the temperature of the dust collector to a large extent, which may cause the dust collector bag to be clogged with paste.

    2. The volume of the system software will be selected according to the large volume during fluctuation. The way to deal with this dilemma is to effectively manipulate the ambient humidity of the raw material and also to dry the raw material.

    Dust collector frame maintenance methods, people can also be used for raw materials and natural materials, and drying methods, such as mixed materials, water drying, high temperature smoke and dust vapor water cooling smoke sources, people must consider such materials to bear the temperature. This area is therefore ignored by the maintenance staff, which in turn increases the excess leakage and exhaust air volume, which also makes the management of the dust collector bag deteriorate, resulting in cold suspicion.

    3. The two structures of the dust collector bag are the non-disintegration chamber structure suitable for interstitial work and the collapse chamber structure suitable for continuous operation. The maintenance method of the mobile fume extraction unit is to use the output power of the reduced air filter element to release the air compression in the single-pulse spouting tissue, which can cause many times the high-speed air filter again, which can make the dust removal bag swell, which is due to the impact resistance. Vibration and reverse cyclone to eliminate ash mobile fume extraction unit. The external filter device is that the dust flows from the packaging bag into the outside of the packaging bag, and is used to collect the dust outside the packaging bag of the filter device. The adsorption force type means that the centrifugal fan is located in the air pressure work behind the cloth bag.

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