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It will take about an hour of gameplay for OSRS


      These two spots are located close to teleports with OSRS Gold. They also have plenty of oaks available to cut until you reach level 30.Oaks are a lot more AFK than normal trees as they do not fall down once one log has been cut. The best thing to do is drop all the 293 logs required for fifteen to thirty Woodcutting. It will take about an hour of gameplay.These are the two spots I'd suggest to play this small portion, it should be fairly fast after you have reached the adamant-axe at level 31. You can run to the willows to the left of Seers' Village bank if you were cutting the oaks there.Or make use of a Games Necklace to teleport to Barbarian Assault when you were at the Grand Exchange working on oaks. It is necessary to cut and drop 134 willows to get to 35 Woodcutting. It should take about 30 minutes to play.

      This is the spot for teak trees that is suggested if you can't access Ape Atoll due to not having partially completed that Monkey Madness quest. You can expect this spot to be pretty busy and if you're determined to complete 99 Woodcutting it is important to finish Monkey Madness for the Ape Atoll teak area.This is where you'll be spending the next 13.012.025 hours of your life cutting and dropping 153.083 logs of teak. If you decide not to two-tick here, you'll likely see an XP rate ranging from 35.000 per hour to 93.000 in the latter 90s. If you do 2-tick, the rate will increase dramatically to 68.000 in an hour, to 180.000. It is by far the fastest you can get Woodcutting XP in the game but it is click intensive and requires a mass amount of concentration. I'll give you alternative methods of training in the following article if you're looking for changing things up or prefer an even more AFK method to do while watching TV programs or movies.

      The 30 minute cutoff time for cutting willows isn't the most suitable option if you are a fresh account or you are an Ironman as the oak logs are useful for construction training later on down road. If you are a fresh account and are planning to get into Woodcutting These two locations previously mentioned are fantastic as they allow you to deposit your logs quickly. They aren't worth much , but if you can get them to level 45 will provide enough money to purchase all the axes up to rune. Based on current prices, 1.577 oak logs that you purchase will get you 37.848 GP.

      There's only one place within RuneScape that you are able to slice maples and that's right here, behind the Seers' Village bank. There's a good chance that you'll remember coming here as a child to cut maples. This is where you should be prior to registering with the Woodcutting Guild. The logs are essentially worthless at 8 GP each, but they are extremely AFK and decent XP, with a range of 25.000 up to 57.000 Hourly XP. It is necessary cut 2.123 Maple logs to get to 60 woodcutting at OSRS Gold For Sale.