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Considerations for childrens table chairs

  • Children's table chairs are very important in the growth of children. With the development of society and the innovation of educational concepts, more and more parents will choose a suitable children's table chairs for their children, but the choice of At the same time, some problems will also be found, such as how to choose the color, material and safety performance of children's table chairs? Learn more about it below!

    The choice of childrens table chairs try to eliminate the white tabletop, when the table lamp hits the white tabletop, it will form a white circle of reflection and glare, which will endanger the children's eyesight. Therefore, Lan Wujin suggested that childrens table chairs should choose a softer and more yellowish tabletop, just like our workbook. In addition, formaldehyde is definitely the number one killer in home decoration pollution. The artificial compression boards imported from China or Europe and the United States are all pressed with glue, and formaldehyde will be released more or less. The discharge time of formaldehyde is generally 8 to 10 years. , It cannot be dissipated in a short time of drying, and it will release pollutants all year round, seriously endangering the health of the elderly and children at home. Therefore, the raw materials and process requirements for childrens table chairs must be of high standards. In the process of purchasing children's table chairs, if you don't know its stability, you can shake the whole children's table chairs to see if the steel frame feet are stable. Press one side of the children's table chairs with both hands to check whether the center of gravity of the children's table chairs is stable, and whether there is a situation of overturning. The drawer slides of childrens table chairs generally have a load-bearing capacity of 50kg, which can stand an adult.

    The color, material, craftsmanship and safety performance of childrens table chairs are closely related to children's health. In order to ensure a healthy and safe learning environment for children, you must not be careless when purchasing, and you need to start from the details. The most suitable and comfortable table and chair.

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