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In the midst of The city of Senntisten

  • There are many benefits to becoming a member too as a lot of benefits that you will not be found in the game's free to Buy RS Gold play version. Jagex's description boasts "Over 184 additional incredible quests, 11 powerful capabilities, and 38 thrilling minigames" But that's not the only thing that's being offered.

    Membership members will be able to explore a world three times larger, and includes "make the home of your dreams and port" features that will be included in the game's loyalty program.

    Jagex has announced a brand new update for RuneScape this week as players are faced with the new Abyssal Slayer Creatures. The short version of the new content is that is it designed to give you a series of ways to develop your Slayer skill to 120 in the process of earning items, skills and numerous rewards along the way.

    For clarity, it is member-only content that will introduce three new Abyssal Slayer Creatures, with its primary objective to challenge the most accomplished combat players, as it is required that you be of Slayer skill 95 and above for the event to take part. We have more details about this latest event below , along with a trailer, which reveals what you can expect from it.

    In the midst of The city of Senntisten, a portal has been opened that allows monsters to enter the. Players will be required to fight through the dungeon of slayers, Senntisten Asylum, and runescape accounts face three new high-level Slayer creatures.