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Completion of the steel roof problem

  • Do not hesitate to use a metal roof

    Metal roofs are sometimes overlooked - people think they are too industrial, unsuitable for home use, too expensive, or noisy when it rains. These are common misconceptions. In fact, metal roofs have more choices, textures, shapes, and colors than any other roofing material. It is an extremely durable material with incredible service life. Interlocking metal roof.

    The metal roof is fireproof. Unlike other roofing materials, this feature means that the roof is protected from fire. Roof tile manufacturer.

    The metal roof is light and rigid. Earthquake-prone areas of the world are important issues. Even the lightest pitch shingles can be twice as heavy as an ordinary metal roof.

    Stone roofs are 50 years old. Low maintenance and long-lasting color are a sign of stained steel roofs.

    The metal roof with locking and nail mounting mechanism provides protection from strong winds. This is because of their communication system. Unlike other roofs based on high-speed roofs, stone-clad steel roofs are mechanically adjusted. Therefore, they are so resistant to all weather conditions.

    Does the color of the roof affect the internal temperature?

    If metal roofs reheat the house, there is no answer. An effective pillow protects against cold and hot weather in summer. However, in fact, steel conducts heat better than other materials. This means heating a metal roof in a sunny environment.

    If you do not plan to add a pillow to your home or use a very thin pillow. Then we need to think about leaving the gap between the metal roof and the pillow.
    There is a gap between the metal roof and the cushions covered with JINHU stone, and excess heat is released. Stone-clad steel roofs are very popular in the market and their use is growing. In addition to the initial costs, installation is something that cannot be ignored.

    The effect of heat on the color of the metal roof can not be ignored. White metal roofs retain less heat than black roofs.

    Roofs do not like the installation of metal roofs

    Installation of steel roofs requires experienced workers. But steel roofs are not popular with many roofers and roofing contractors. The number of workers loading asphalt gravel is many times higher than those working on steel roofs. In the absence of good metal roofing workers, contractors are reluctant to sign metal Spanish tile roof contracts.

    JHL's stone-clad steel roof construction means the homeowner can install it himself. Thanks to the locking structure of JINHU roof tiles, the installation will be very easy. Similarly, becoming a JINHU distributor will save you a lot of money with a simple installation principle.