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Metal roofs that never need to be painted on stone-covered meta

  • Ordinary metal roofs are ideal for repainting, but this is an additional cost. And paint companies with unprotected metal roofs pay more. Some homeowners are reluctant to hire artists to paint over and over again because it is a big expense.

    Some homeowners plan to paint metal roofs themselves.

    Remove dirt from the roof

    Before painting a metal roof, it is necessary to remove mold, debris, and damaged paint. Powerful spray guns can easily solve this problem, but the device is expensive to purchase. A weakened vinegar solution can be used to remove old paint and residues that require some technical content and protective measures.

    Choose the right color

    After a thorough cleaning, you must use the correct color and the correct spraying method to spray the roofing.

    Acrylic latex paint is suitable for bare metal roofs. The combination of oil-based alkyd paint and galvanized metal primer is also a good choice. There are many color brands on the market and you need to clarify the features you want, such as waterproof, fireproof, and pesticide.

    We present a metal floor loaded over time metal roof painters.

    Maybe some metal roofing companies will tell you that you need to clean your metal roofs every six months. And JINHU tells you that the stone-clad steel plates do not need to be repaired. It is important to make sure that the drainage channel is not blocked and to inspect difficult areas such as snow.

    Advantages: Service life is more than 50 years metal wood shake.

    The stone does not fall naturally on the slab.

    Environmentally friendly, insect repellent, and reusable.

    Available in metal roof colors.

    No need to repaint.

    We offer more colored sand. Only apply glue if a stone falls on it and sprinkle with colored sand. It is very convenient to change the metal roofing, remove the nails, replace the new tiles and glue the nails.

    Stone-clad steel roofs never need to be painted and artists do not need to be hired. If you are interested, you can contact JINHU. We are a manufacturer and offer the best price.