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Why blue metal roof?

  • In the past, few people used blue metal roofs. Interestingly, most blue roofs are concentrated on beaches or in areas with relatively dry climates. In recent years, homes in some communities have begun to have different colored roofs, including blue and red metal roofs. Blue metal roof.

    Blue is a cool color, and the color of the sky is more suitable for relaxation. If you have trees planted around your house. The roof and trees look combined.
    Most likely, this is the reason why they are so weak. It looks like the sky when you raise your head. When I grew up, the sky was clear and I could see the sky. The existing office is too busy to look up. Black metal roof.

    In the United States, a builder ordered a piece of stone roofing. He said he needed a blue cabinet. He told us a magical story. The daughter of one of her clients went to visit her new classmate's house. He saw the roof of his roommate's house green, only the green roof around it. The students were very fictitious and had never seen a green roof. Once the customer is aware of this, he plans to install a different colored roof when replacing the roof. He thought that this would help him to make more friends at the new school. Stone-coated steel roofing.

    JHL's advice: It is very important to choose the color you like. JHL Stone-clad steel roofs can be added to 12 different stone cladding layers.