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metal roofing

  • Our blacksmith asked: "Does a black metal roof attract more heat and heat the house?" the landlord asked. This is a landlord from Russia and he is very worried about it.

    The answer covers two things: roofing material and roof heating pads
    First, the color and finish of the metal affect the absorption of heat. Metals exposed to direct sunlight are heated, but Chinese roofing tiles are heated. This point is confirmed by Energy Star.

    Although the black metal roof retains more heat. However, if the sun stops shining directly on the roof, the simplest material quickly loses heat. The simplest roof is made of steel, so it cools very quickly. After the sun stops shining on the metal roof, it quickly returns to ambient temperature. For heavy materials such as concrete or concrete, their quality retains heat for a long time. The longer the metal roof heats up, the more heat is transferred to the lower building.

    However, the stone coating on JHL roof tiles can last longer.
    The roof heating pad is an important structure to maintain the internal temperature. Poor or damaged roofs can cause internal and external gas blockages, the installation of air conditioning systems or the heating system can become unusable. Stone coated steel roofing.

    JHL Tips Use a digital thermometer to measure the temperature of the ceiling, walls, and floor of each room. Find out which floors give you the most heat for a given area.