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The Lancer Gun is one of on the off chance that not the most id

  • The training area isn't an undiscovered place anymore, however some players may completely overlook it when playing Lost Ark Gold. The room for training is called The Training Zone or Training Area. If someone uses another name, it is important to be able to recognize that they're referring to The Training Room. These steps will assist you get to the training area quickly.

    Start Main Storyline and Hit Level 30

    It is essential to follow the main storyline and progress through missions until you get to a mission known as Luteran King's Grave. It may take longer to complete this task because it's difficult and long. It will take you through the entire graveyard until you get to the battle with the demon that is a fire-breathing monster. It is necessary to reach the level of 30. which is achievable after you have defeated the demon. Follow the steps given after defeating the demon in order to advance further.

    When a player has reached game's level 30. continuing the story, you will encounter an NPC called Minstrel Allegro. Minstrel Allegro is an NPC gives players an item called "Song of Trixion". So, if you would like to get the trixion song be sure to speak with Minstrel Allegro.

    Go to Beatrice in Trixion

    There's an item that you have in your inventory that will play tune when you press on it. After you play the music, you'll learn it and then open the music player's book Lost Ark Gold buy. The music book lets you play the tune of trixion and teleport them to trixion.