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The speed score of 96 Madden offers Lamar part of the way as th

  • Madden nfl 22 players have been suffering from an awful bug since game's release. What exactly the root of the issue is, remains unclear Mut 22 coins. However, the result is evident. The players will attempt to access their franchises for their football team in Franchise mode but it will not open.

    No matter what they do no matter what they do, whether that's reinstalling Madden nfl 22, or using another (or three) saved game, the save won't work. The save files of their Franchise mode teams will become damaged and inaccessible. What makes this error so particularly unacceptable is the fact that Franchise mode in Madden is supposed to be the place players go to have long.

    A continuous football adventure. Franchises are able to have several seasons over the course of a year, only for their saves to become corrupted with no warning. They'll lose all their progress and have no alternative than to start again.

    Electronic Arts has acknowledged that there's a problem. The fix is currently in development, but there isn't currently a timetable on when this solution will be released. EA team manager for community Blueberry posted a response on EA's official bug reporting forum saying the team working on it. Given that there are some reports that suggest this bug goes back to Madden nfl 22.

    It's frustrating that it's taken so long for the problem to be fixed. At the very minimum, it seems like EA will be paying more attention buy Madden nfl 22 coins. It's unclear if players will receive their saved games back or if they'll need to start over.