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Apparently one of the simplest RuneScape abilities to master

  • The reason behind this is that I've decided to throw a great house party and I want everyone to have fun at my house or the sport RS3 Gold. However, some people simply cannot behave. We all know what I am talking about about this. People who behave rudely, and people who decide to use bug abuse and block the entrance to the dungeon, so that people are suck in the cage. This is why I have to ban all the players out and to reset the house by entering again. This is quite irritating.

    Since I've been asked to put weight in, I'll give you some advice. Obtain the following-Arma/pernix, chaotic cbows. Subj robes/virtus, chaotic staff or virtus wand/book. Drygores, Bandos/torva, or two chaotic rapiers. Vip slayer tickets (I have used around 150 to get to 104m from 23m). Having t80 helps alot more than t70. T90 melee is a great investment

    Block/Prefer listBlock-Desert wyrms-Grotworms-Nechs-Jadinkos-gargoyles-kalphites-Additional task if you have enough quest points. Prefer-ganos-muspah-airuts-aviansies-cele dragons-elves. It's not worth prolonging activities, avoid all tasks that are slow or have high numbers (ie more than 115 Iron Dragons)

    Kill kril and dks when you have the same boss job as them and/or need gp. Always attempt to get kree/kril or dks boss task to get bonus xp+reaper points. Set up your magic/range/slayer gear quickly. available, and with melee/magic at 2 and 1, as you'll be using them most.

    Utilize the ultimate abilities, they can be worth it but pay attention to how much HP you can gain using Berserk. Utilize bonecrusher whenever possible, unless there is a problem with your gp Buy RS Gold. spring clean all items with mithril+. Please feel free to send any questions to me in game.