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It's not enough to take on NBA players who average 75 points

  • First, players have to decide what 2K22 affiliation they'd like to join mt 2k22. After that, you can go to the town hall in the direction of the affiliation you'd choose to belong to. Pass through the front posts and proceed up the stairs until you meet 2 security guards.

    In this case, all players need to do is communicate with the security guards. When they do, the menu above will pop up. Hit the button on the screen to join the affiliation wanted and voila! You are now officially a part of the new association and have changed from the old one!

    It's important to know that once a character switches affiliations, 2K22 will reset all reps and progression for the character. With this in mind, players should not switch affiliations late in the game should they really want to.

    It is recommended to switch affiliations prior to early in the game to limit the amount of time lost since it's extremely precious as well as time-consuming. Be aware that after the switch, it could take just a bit for the game to catch up and move you to an alternate spawn point, so take your time and do not get stressed about this.

    The best NBA 2K22 Dribbles are the diverse moves you can make to dislodge your defenses of your opponent and create chances for yourself. Now, granted, not all dribbles work well for everyone. Your results may vary based on many factors. However there are some which are universally applicable buy nba 2k22 mt coins, and we'll showcase them to you in our Top Dribble Moves NBA 2K22 guide.