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There are two different ways you can get Amethyst Shards in Los

  • In the majority of cases, the only quests you need to be concerned about or adhere to are your Main Story Quests (MSQ). The MSQ will almost guarantee you enough XP for you to reach level 50 Lost Ark Gold. which is the level that is required to play the final content. After you have completed through the Luterra Region and are tasked to visit other continents, the blue World Quests will become your new MSQs.

    Outside of the MSQ, you should also always be sure to complete Guides Quests. They usually introduce features of the game and offer rewards in connection with those aspects. These aren't required to be done right away, however, they are useful items.

    The most crucial ones to obtain ASAP include those in the Pet Guide, which gives you a pet rabbit; and the Ability Stone Faceting Guide, that gives you a handful of Ability Stones you can facet in order to obtain Engravings in the future. Pets are a great companion to are able to loot you, speeding your progress to a great extent.

    If you'd like to know more, you can read our comprehensive Guide to Engravings from Lost Ark. We take a look at what we call the Engravings System and teach you everything you need to know about it.

    The majority of Sidequests should be avoided as they often only give little amounts in Silver or Rapport currency. Although Rapport currency can be beneficial later, it's not immediately useful and there are far better ways to earn Rapport items. However, there are Sidequests that offer excellent rewards, including engraving book chests.

    Additionally, there are Chain Quests which comprise multi-step Sidequests. Unlike most Sidequests, Chain Quests are usually worth taking the time to complete. They can also provide rewards that are extremely useful, like Engraving Book Chests. You can always return for them in the future, much like Sidequests However, it's generally simpler to complete them when you find them buy Lost Ark Gold, so you dont have to remmeber which ones are available later.