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It is one of the top worshiped and well known RuneScape abiliti

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    Konar is one of nine Slayer Masters in Old School Runescape The question is where are they located and what rewards the Slayer Masters offer, and how many points can you earn from completing their tasks? Slayer is one of the most enjoyable and lucrative skills available in Old School Runescape as it requires players to travel across Gielinor and kill a certain quantity of a particular monster.

    To be given a task, players need to go to one of the nine Slayer Masters scattered across the gaming world. There is a master depending on your level of combat There are some which provide special rewards and one of the most notable is Konar.

    Instead of simply assigning a monster to kill, Konar requires players to go to a specific location to do so, in return they'll get a shot to get their hands on Brimstone Keys. So, without further delay, let's check out exactly where Konar is located in order to grab your hands on some Brimstone Keys.

    In the map above, Konar quo Maten is located in the region of North-West that is part of the Zeah region, which is located in the Kahlith settlement located on the summit of Mount Karuulm. The Konar quo Maten are marked on the world map by a pale skull to signify their function as Slayer Master rs2007 gold. Slayer Master. The Master is sitting next to a chest.