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SUN Classic is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role

  • Players can reap the rewards related to territories, PVP, PK as well as other game content that was once loved by players after reaching their goals via Dungeons SUN Classic Heim, including stories dungeons, special dungeons, guild dungeons.

    WEBZEN pointed out that in order to allow players from all over the world to play games in local languages, the international version of the game will support Korean, Japanese, Chinese (traditional/simplified), English and other languages. In the coming years we'll continue to expand the scope of language and country of our game service.

    WEBZEN announced that to mark the official launch of "Wonder World Classic" in Taiwan the representative game program "AC (Area Conquest) system" of "Wonder World Classic" has been made available this time. Players can receive a variety of rewards for having completed various tasks. The event will continue till April 7th.

    This AC system is based on each region, chapter, and activity. You are rewarded for fulfilling the tasks you have been assigned. The main difference to the original missions system, is the diverse actions that are performed by the character will accumulate automatically and offer reward points.

    It also has an event to sign-in. Based on the cumulative number of days spent logging in to the game, the development stone and event's name will be earned. If a player reaches the appropriate level, they is able to receive a higher reward. Players who complete 10 challenges in the AC system can also be eligible for bigger rewards cheap SUN Classic Heim. Additionally to that, there will an invitation-to-friend program starting the moment you sign up until March 16.