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Jackson will also have the privilege of being a Madden cover at

  • "We've definitely gotten a lot closer then when she first came. She was shy initially, but now me and her have a laugh Mut 22 coins. We know each other on the court," Madden said. "My sophomore year, we did not really have an (knockdown) shooter So the method they used to stop us was to play me up in the post. This is how we lost in semi-state. The presence of Maci out there can help significantly."

    "It provides us with an inside-out punch," Bales said. "Her ability to pass is amazing ... she can see the floor extremely well, and she's very unselfish." Her body is put for the team's benefit. She's a tough defender, takes on adversity, runs down loose balls, competes for rebounds and defends hard and often leaves her with a "daily" number of bruises and bumps According to Bales.

    Madden acknowledged that she's a important asset to have on Blue River's side , but acknowledged it's hard to practice against Loveless. Still, she makes the team more resilient and that when coupled with her knowledge and experience could help the Vikings remain successful in the postseason.

    "Her energy is what we require. Everyone kind of takes advantage of her. And whatever she accomplishes, inspires us all the way," Bales said. "Last year she was coming off the bench. She was playing about half the game. She was exactly the same kind of player buy mut coins, but she was not as well-organized ... She is now more (in more in) and is not turning it over."