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Head once again into the Lair and give the bars to the Runescap

  • It seems to be more profitable to use Slayer, but it does require a longer period of time which is time that could be utilized on other money-making methods OSRS Gold. Also, if you don't like to be bothered, what would be the most efficient setup (preferable less than 20 million) for your method. At the end of the day, is training merely a matter of your personal preference?

    It's not necessary to have the top material to train, the advantages are just few % or less, and you don't even need to work through Slayer also. The recommendation to train Slayer comes from elite players who are looking back and saying, "meh, wish I had trained Slayer and now I'm at 138 and still have 10 levels to go." ...". The skill comes with two main benefits and that's:

    You will always kill something new. It is possible to cancel a task in case you do not like killing something. The disadvantages is that eventually you get bored of it also, and you are able to only stop 5 monsters. Also, some monsters aren't ideal for training combat.

    I'd suggest training with Slayer, anyhow However, you've already read the details, so the choice is yours. For recommended equipment, a Black Mask or a Slayer Helm is a requirement. In addition, you'll only require an axe (or the savage weapon of Dungeoneerin).

    The rest is up to you. To begin, I'd recommend Torag's plate and legs RuneScape 2007 Gold, with the highest protection-value proportion in game (s'far as I can tell) Black dragonhide is a good choice for the tasks that involve magic and then begin work towards this Recipe for Disaster quest.