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Coming up next are the top shooters for three places in NBA 2K2

  • Returning to NBA 2k22with MyCareer mode. This mode allows players to explore an online hub NBA 2K MT Coins, where they can create their own avatar on a journey through basketball beyond the court and into an open-world city to become the next NBA superstar.

    As part of the experience players will also be able to explore stores and customize their characters. Like each other NBA 2K title is riddled by microtransactions. This is because the best cosmetics are exclusive to purchase.

    According to Kotaku the players have begun to see an in-game advertisement to promote State Farm insurance. The storefront of NBA 2K22 in The City has received an entirely new space dedicated to State Farm and one quest in MyCareer has the player given the task of talking to the insurance firm's mascot, Jake.

    Appearing in numerous ads before, Jake from State Farm has returned in an NBA 2K22 cameo. Completely motion-captured by the actor who originally played Jake, Jake greets the players in the area wearing the State Farm uniform that he refers to as "drip".

    Furthermore additionally, State Farm also has a storefront. State Farm store also offers more branded cosmetics that start at 15,000 VC priced at PS3.99/$4.99 in actual dollars. The whole experience and space to be anything but absurd, some fans have taken to social media to complain about 2K's unabashedly forced advertisements.

    Before, 2K has included ad products unrelated to the NBA as well as received massive criticism for its inability to skip ads in NBA 2K20 and exploitive behavior Buy NBA 2K22 MT Coins. Fans of the series may not be thrilled by this innovative State of the Farm insurance advertisement however.