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The Paladin is a half-DPS support class in Lost Ark

  • With the Korean MMO seeing massive success on PC, some might wonder if console ports could be in Lost Ark's future. The subject was discussed during an interview with Amazon Game's Franchise Head Soomin Park Lost Ark Gold. While his answer was far from concrete, is appears that console games could be a possibility.

    British game journalist Sherif Saed recently spoke to Park on a range of topics including publishing rights, the similarities with Lost Ark and Diablo 3 and also the reasons why Lost Ark took so long to arrive in the west. It is in the context of the Diablo 3 comparisons that the question of console ports came up.

    With Saed noting that game's success across multiple platforms. However, Park wasn't able to offer a definitive"yes" or "no" answer on whether Lost Ark might arrive on consoles anytime soon. "If Lost Ark on consoles is something that fans actually desire," he told Saed, "then I think it's something both parties should be thinking about!"

    When he says "both the parties" Park is presumably referring to Amazon and Smilegate which share publication rights for the game. He clarified the company's relationship when explaining why Lost Ark isn't available in the Middle East or parts of Europe. Contrary to previous Amazon Games games like New World, the company does not own Lost Ark.

    Rather, it is partnered to Korean publishing company Smilegate RPG, who own the intellectual property rights. Park stated that the deal does not give Amazon the right to distribute Lost Ark globally, only in certain areas of Europe, Oceania, and the Americas buy Lost Ark Gold. This makes it unclear if or when Lost Ark might arrive in new territories.