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NBA 2K22's Seasons will guarantee that this doesn't be the situ

  • Dunking is one of the skills that earns not just two points but also flashy points from the crowd as well NBA 2K22 MT. It is essential for players to be aware and know when to pull off the dunk or choose an easy jump when there's someone else in front of them. Dunks are attractive but the key is to get the points.

    NBA 2K22 offers players more control than ever to ensure they can score however they consider to be the most efficient in the moment. Do not attempt to dunk when there's a shot-blocker in the air, or try an unintentional dunk when your opponent is covering your player's dominant hand while driving.

    Oscar Robertson was a 12-time All-Star and a one-time winner of the MVP award, and also won an NBA championship during his long and successful 14-season run within the NBA. The "Big O is the only player to record a triple-double average for the entire season (and is still the only player in history apart from Russell Westbrook).

    As the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who played in the Bucks' 1971 title victory, Robertson was a 2-Way Threat at Point or Shooting Guard. NBA 2K22 ranks his Playmaking at 92, Outside Scoring at 90, while his Layup scores 99.

    The 7'1 German was an Dallas Mavericks hero during his entire 21-year NBA career, taking the Mavs to 15 NBA playoff appearances Buy 2K MT. He was also a huge part of their winning season in 2011 with the team, taking home the MVP award at the same time.