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Instructions to get your hands on Lost Ark Twitch drops

  • The first things Lost Ark players will encounter is the 500-year-old Mera Wine, a delicacy that's part of your Cooking section on the Athlete's Tome located in Rethramis Lost Ark Gold. This elusive item can slip under the radar of players when they're not searching for it since it's within a somewhat hidden area within the Aquilok's Head dungeon. Here's how to locate it.

    Where to find 500-year-old Mera Wine in the Lost Ark. Take a backtrack into Border Watch in Rethramis and travel to the Aquilok's Tail the dungeon. This is the middle of nowhere and requires interaction using a lever.

    After talking to the guard, and then searching the cave. You'll have to take down a cart that is hindering your advance. When you do this, it'll trigger a mob of enemies, so get them out. Once you're done looking, go in the alcove to your left and you'll find an lever. When you interact with it, it'll bring down a nearby rock, opening up a new space on the map users to look around.

    Jump down and go to the left side to find a few Thornwalkers. Take them out and look for an interactive object on the floor located to the left of an adjacent torch. You can interact with it once and unlock a 499-year-old Mera Wine. There is also the secret area for two Mokoko Seeds.

    Should you take down the old gear Buy Lost Ark Boosting, or offer it in Lost Ark? Being attached to your gear In Lost Ark isn't usually recommended since you'll replace your items with more powerful ones as you go through the game.