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Star Wars The Old Republic’s expansion Legacy of the Sith bring

  • It will launch the new expansion package Legacy of the Sith for Star Wars The Old Republic on December 14. It brought a lot of interesting content to players and revealed some new characters in a live broadcast. Players who are interested should prepare enough SWTOR Credits in advance. Here is everything they can know about the new character.

    Colonel Gallo: A leader of the Selkath and Manaan special forces. Although she did not trust Republic or Empire, she worked with Light to repel the invading darkness. Colonel Korrd: This Empire officer acts as a poster boy for the stiff upper lip of the command, just like when they came. He served as the commander of Major Anri. Darth Norok: Although he may like the logistical aspects of things, Darth Norok is not a person who has been overlooked on the battlefield. He has never lost in a Lightsaber duel. His goal is to conquer the entire planet of Manaan.

    There are some detailed official instructions on the extension. Legacy of the Sith will continue the storyline of the game, sending players to conduct military operations to protect the aquatic planet Manaan for their faction, as they unveil the last plan of renegade Sith Darth Malgus. The expansion also introduces a redesigned fighting style, new features that integrate the abilities of classes, and a series of quality of life upgrades. The combat style will allow players to select a specific class story independently and combine it with other related technologies or power combinations of the ability to wield classes. If players want to improve their strength quickly, they need to Buy SWTOR Credits.

    Both new and old players can look forward to an improved character-creation system with greater customization features than ever before. And several game elements have been reformed completely, including gameplay and global rebalancing of enemy encounters, project updates, and character loading. For more information, players can pay attention to the official, but for players with ideas, the most important thing is to buy SWTOR Credits.