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Star Wars The Old Republic’s Legacy of the Sith extension will

  • Recently Bioware announced the official release date of Legacy of the Sith, the upcoming Star Wars The Old Republic expansion pack. It will be launched on PC on December 14, 2021. The expansion pack was originally announced in July during the game’s 10th anniversary celebration. This update will add more new content to the game, including many new stories, features, combat and characters, as well as new Flashpoint and Operation missions. If players want to develop quickly in the game, then they can prepare some SWTOR Credits.

    During the live broadcast, some new characters and returning characters were also revealed. Here are some returning characters. Darth Malgus: This sinister Sith returns in Onslaught expansion as the main villain protagonist. He continues his evil path in Legacy of the Sith, even though he has now come out of the empire. Major Anri: Another Imperial face who returned from Onslaught, Major Anri once again led her commando to Buy SWTOR Credits.

    Arn Peralun: When the players first met him as a Jedi Padawan, this cybernetic power user had already graduated to Jedi Knight. He played an important role in assisting Republic players throughout Legacy of the Sith. Lana Beniko: Everyone’s favorite Dark face companion is back, as reasonable, calculating and loyal as always. Tau Idair: She is one of the best lightsaber fighters in the Republic and can give full play to her talents. Darth Rivix: Although charming, this imperial and Emporer liaison is still as deadly as ever.

    These seem very exciting, and there are more content players can wait to experience when the expansion is launched. But if players want to adapt themselves to the game faster and better, they need to buy SWTOR Credits in advance.