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BioWare’s 7.0 Gearing Philosophy of Star Wars The Old Republic

  • BioWare announced how their plan EndGame Gearing will work in SWTOR 7.0, which will return vertical progression and almost no RNG. The developers stated that their equipment and progress concept in 7.0 is to ensure that players have the equipment they need to play the content they want, and they can increase their strength. Whether players come for the story or accept the most powerful challenge in the galaxy, they all hope that players can look forward to something that makes their character stronger. Players also need to buy SWTOR Gold to get some powerful items.

    Legacy of the Sith (7.0) will reintroduce the vertical progression path for gearing. This type of process is not new in games. However, 7.0 will provide players with new experiences and ways to gain equipment. In the game update, players can regularly work hard to become stronger and know that more power is coming. So players can Buy SWTOR Credits in advance.

    Another key component of their philosophy is to remove randomness from the equation as much as possible (called RNG). When RNG is used frequently, it can cause various problems, such as the expansion of the game economy, the expansion of character inventory space, and losing control when players gain and equip equipment. The Renown system aims to ease the problems caused by RNG by providing alternative opportunities to get equipment. However, it is not effective in this goal. The problems caused by RNG can lead to a frustrating shifting experience, and the developers hope to remove these obstacles.

    Players can quickly upgrade their equipment by completing the weekly content. For some players who choose hard tasks, they will get better rewards. Of course, they can also get more SWTOR Credits by completing tasks. It will provide most equipment upgrades through weekly mission rewards or through the purchase of upgrades through trading reward equipment. If the player’s task reward is to upgrade, this will affect the player’s lowest rated equipped piece of gear. If it is traded, the player can decide which piece of equipment to upgrade.