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SWTOR 7.0 PTS brings many major updates

  • BioWare recently released a major update to SWTOR PTS and provided many explanations on the gearing changes announced in 7.0. The biggest new feature of this update is to allow players to test the upcoming Elom Flashpoint in Veteran Mode, but that’s not all. Players can finally choose the second fighting style, and can check out the brand new character creation screen. Prior to this, players need to Buy SWTOR Credits to make themselves better deal with the game.

    Redesigned Character Creator. For Character Creator redesign, the player character should be in the middle area instead of behind the text, and Origin Stories (the new name of the base Class) and Combat Styles (the new name of the Advanced Classes) have brand new icons. Many players think that only Imperials have red lights, and all red sources for Republic players will be switched to blue, although currently this only seems to work on the character’s lights.

    Some people pointed out that this is problematic for understanding the appearance of the character in the game. BioWare can solve this problem by providing many environments and removing the colored light from the character. Switching black and white (so black text and icons, white background) will also help a lot. Many players will buy SWTOR Credits to change the appearance of their characters.

    The character creator customizing this screen is behind in the development process. Players want them to include pictures of different options, rather than sliders, or at least a way to do basic A-B testing of their favorite options. It’s always annoying to get stuck between two options, but it’s difficult to switch between the two options for direct comparison quickly, because players have to use the slider to navigate. If players still have some items they want to get, they can prepare some SWTOR Credits to get it.