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Star Wars The Old Republic 7.0 Galactic Conquest will bring som

  • BioWare system designer David Staats announced that with the release of Star Wars The Old Republic 7.0 Legacy of the Sith, Galactic Conquest is about to undergo some changes. It not only brought updates to Personal Conquest Goal but also updated Objective Rewards. This will enable players to get more SWTOR Credits by completing tasks. Here is some content about Personal Conquest Goal.

    The Personal Conquest goal of Legacy of the Sith will increase from the previous 50,000 points to 100,000 points. The team has been reviewing many aspects of Conquest, including the economic impact of the system in the 6.0 era, the impact of the system’s participation and how it affects not only individual players but also the entire larger community, how Conquest will interact with the 7.0 system and game loop Connect.

    The development team stated they want to ensure that Conquest is a viable and enjoyable cycle for many players, while also ensuring that it promotes a healthy relationship between players and the connected system. The starting point of all this is the completion speed of Conquest. It has a direct and direct impact on each of the above aspects. Not only does it help how many additional SWTOR Credits are generated each week throughout the game, it also helps how many Guild Flagship Encryptions can Buy SWTOR Credits, and how quickly Guild can upgrade Flagship.

    They also stated that the Conquest completion rate did not contribute to these aspects healthily. It improves the player’s long-term goal acquisition rate, promotes a game style that interrupts the game when the player reaches their Conquest goal and then changes their role, and creates social pressure to take part in the conquest as often as possible. They reviewed various target numbers, considering both their impact on current and upcoming conquest-related systems, and the player experience. Although many players will buy SWTOR Credits to improve their gaming experience, they want to keep Conquest as an enjoyable system that rewards players for doing almost anything the game provides, while also actively working to ensure that they can provide and economic Healthy and responsible symbiosis.