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Some content of Weapons in Outfitter in Star Wars The Old Repub

  • Recently BioWare shared details of one of the most popular features of Star Wars The Old Republic in the past few years: weapons in Outfitter. Starting from 7.0, players can now use weapons in the Outfitter system similarly to Armor. This means that they can equip one weapon to determine the statistics applied to the character, and use Outfitter to mark the appearance of another weapon of the same type. Players can also use SWTOR Credits to get some powerful weapons.

    Compared with Armor, Weapons have several unique attributes. They can have unique audio, Color Crystals and Weapon Tunings. The content of these customization options that players see and hear in the game will depend on the weapon assigned to the Outfitter slot or dual-wielding combat styles slot. If the weapon is not assigned to the Outfitter slot, the game will use the options in the currently equipped weapon.

    Players can finally use non-legacy weapons without other worries. The price of weapons on GTN may soar and stay high because of this information, so players must buy SWTOR Credits in advance to purchase weapons. If players currently have weapons for sale on GTN, they may want to take them off and wait a few days before selling them. In this way, players may get more SWTOR Credits.

    Weapons are very important to players. If players have more powerful weapons in battle, they may win the battle. So players need to prepare enough SWTOR Gold to buy them. They can also buy Cheap SWTOR Credits on IGGM, which is a quick way to get SWTOR Money. Come on!