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Star Wars The Old Republic 7.0 extension brings Economy Adjustm

  • Recently BioWare announced some major changes and new features that have appeared along with the Star Wars The Old Republic 7.0 extension. They also made some adjustments to the economic problems in the game. SWTOR Credits are the existence that all players need, so the economic issues in the game are very important.

    They stated that they have been studying and measuring economic indicators of the gaming economy, especially indicators related to credit inflation. This means that more SWTOR Credits are created in the economy than SWTOR Credits are consumed, which will push the price of GTN for all projects to rise. One measure they have taken to solve this problem is to reduce the SWTOR Credits got for completing Conquests. They also plan to remove the Solid Resource Matrix items from the conquest rewards and instead place them on Jawa suppliers that can be purchased through Jawa Junk. This will help solve the problem of credit creation in the economy.

    BioWare has access to indicators that explain which sources of credit creation are greatest. Many people blame Jinnong for the inflation in this game, but considering how much SWTOR Gold it awards and how easy it is to reach Conquest now, Conquest is also one of the major contributors, which is reasonable. There are too many major mistakes in economic issues that have led to the hyperinflation that players are experiencing today. Whenever they make a change that affects the creation of SWTOR Credits, they need to offset it immediately with some other credit sink.

    Reducing credit generation will help slow the inflation rate, but actually eliminating existing credits from the economy does not have much effect. Many players will buy SWTOR Credits to get more items in the game, which also makes some items in the market more expensive. More people will SWTOR Credits Buy to get them. Many palyers hope developers will pay more attention to economic issues.