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One update was created specifically for an upgrade

  • It's not surprising that Madden NFL, a franchise that's been around quite a long time, is now getting older. There are many other Madden 22 coins sports games out that have been around for almost as long that don't get the same kind of enthusiasm when new versions are released. Fans are looking for something to get excited about, and real improvement could help.

    It was an extremely innovative option to Madden NFL 20's Face of the Franchise mode. It was an homage to the NBA 2K franchise, which allowed players to "live" the experience of an NFL prospect. It was true that there was the ability to play actual games or at the very least, parts of it, but the focus was on the cinematic elements. Even so the sequel to this mode lost quite part of its charm. The plot was less engaging and the novelty faded quickly.

    It's likely that EA will look to improve the mode, though it might be better served to remove the mode altogether. Even if the mode is improved then fans will be more focused more on other features Madden NFL 22 has to offer. If Electronic Arts do bring it back for the third time in a row year, there must be some changes, particularly in the writing. Madden 22's version was met with lots of complaints. The plot was unrealistic and made players to take on a character that was a bit of an annoyance. If EA intends to bring the mode back in the near future, a little more consideration should be given to crafting a narrative that is compelling.

    Electronic Arts found itself in an awkward position in 2020. Electronic Arts was aware that the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 were comingsoon, but they also knew that Madden NFL 22 would launch several months prior to these new consoles. This meant that developers were forced to concentrate the majority of their attention on the Xbox One and PS4. There was quite a bit of complaints from the public, despite the good Madden NFL 22 sales numbers. EA tried to address the fan as best as they could with various adjustments.

    One update was created specifically for an upgrade to the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S. The patch improved graphics as well as gameplay, as per the designers. One major aspect of the patch was that it was said to be relying more on statistics. It's tough to gauge how much the update improved the game. Although there were improvements however, it wasn't as if the game was completely new. Electronic Arts would do well to put its focus on the next consoles for 2022. Improved graphics, better gaming, and obviously making use of the power behind the scenes will make a huge difference in showing its users what it wants to win back those that cheap Madden nfl 22 coins quit in frustration last fall.