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In the following calm, I thanked him for the help

  • I was an absolute novice in the WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold game. Poor DPS, couldn't check stats and didn't use WoWhead.

    The other group was clearly unhappy with me, aside from one warlock, who is a different warlock.

    After the dungeon had finished and she left me with a party invite and got me into her Garrisson.

    And finally, calmly, patiently provided me with all the information I needed, explained statistics, and where I could look them up.

    They gave me good rotations and everything.

    There was no reason to do so. She was from an entirely different realm. I was already a member of a guild. I was not in a position to ask her to help me. However, she took the time to provide me with tips and support me in my growth. She helped me understand the basics and also gave me some advice for playing as a Warlock.

    I'm not even able to remember her name. Since then, I've never seen her again. I remained faithful to her kindness and patience. It brings me joy every day.

    Do you have any stories about people going beyond their means to help make the game a better place for you?

    Let's face it, it takes just one person to aid a new player, and extend a hand of kindness so that a new player could be born. Help:

    It was in 8.2, Nazjatar, late at night. My guild and I racked the town, and then decided to enter warmode. It was a wonderful evening of fighting. The fact that I was not killed because of the endless sustain on guards.

    After a while, people get tired and fall asleep. However, after killing numerous people, my Alliance Slaying quest method (the one that requires you to kill 10 people in succession and not perish while your location appears on the map) can assist you in your efforts to rest.

    So I decided to think what the heck to not do it, it's fun and I may not do the same experience again for a while. I started to rampage around and causing trouble to lonely people, but was promptly disapproved by the Wpvp as blood was considered to be garbage at the time.

    I was at 6/10 when two players teamed up on me and two DPS with high-end equipment. I fight to live my life as hard as I can, but soon all my CDs have been used up and my life is close to 0% and I despair believing I'm almost done... As a green-colored cocoon emerges upon me, my life goes from 5% to 100% in a flash and I spot a random monk walking by who took the initiative to help me and helped me murder the two.

    In the following calm, I thanked him for the help and inform him that he saved my quest. He agreed to join me at 3 AM to help me survive in my search for my name. And I'll never be able to repay him enough for that , as we were ambushed by three other people shortly after ! We buy WOW TBC Gold managed to prevail using our combined strength, and I was awarded my title.