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Goliaths will require you to have done lots of quests

  • If you have any suggestions for what would be a good idea for RS gold me to train on? Any minigames you could try, or any other thing that's fun or rewarding to take on RS players right now. There's so many new armors as well as a few new weapons for members to choose from, I don't know what's appropriate for me and which ones I should use for slaying and general combat items (80 Att, 83 Str, 75 Def with 81 HP). If you can suggest an item I could purchase then that'd be great; I've got $50m cash available, however I'd prefer to not spend too much.

    In the end, I'm trying to find some skills to train to 99 or at least just an advanced level, but idk what I can train without spending tons of money and getting no gain, what's the best spending for training, etc. My expertise should be in my signature, and if not, I'll include them as soon as I can.

    If you're willing to spend only a few dollars (under 10M), then a set of Barrows armour and a few nice peripherals (fury although it's not necessarily the most effective) is still a great value for your money. But, there are a few very nice things to consider. It's likely that you've not been around for a long time.

    Chaotic rapier. One-handed weapon that is extremely powerful that you can get after dungeoneering for a while You must have at least 80 dunges to buy it, with the help of the dunge rewards system. Most chaotic weapons are most powerful in their field.

    Bandos chestplate and Tassets. They are priced at a lower price, and tend to be the first choice in the event you're able to pay. 12M for one item with 12M to purchase the other. They provide extra strength and prayer reward.

    I'm not an expert when it comes to the helms, but when you're killing you need the complete Slayer helm due to its extra bonuses (likewise Salve amulet if it's pertinent) and the helm of Verac, if you're not.

    For boots, you'll probably prefer the dragon. There are other boots that are better, called "ragefire" I think, but I don't think you'll want to put your money on these. To get gloves, use barrows gloves from RFD or possibly an goliath glove at the tower dominion.

    Goliaths will require you to have done lots of quests and numerous arcade-style fights within a large tower of quest bosses. One thing you can pick up as you've completed your quests, I'm thinking. To get the ring, there's an extremely nice free ring you can pick up through "A return to rs gold 2007 stone" (I think that's what it's called).