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You didn't play with yourself in Tecmo Bowl.

  • The one that's not talked about except Denver Broncos fans is when we were in Denver and I was able to go through their defense like Madden nfl 22 coins cutting through butter with a hot knife. This isn't a boast, but all about the size that I was at that time and how low I was in college to be able to run with pads behind me. Which means you would never catch me upright running in the event that I had someone five or 6 feet behind me trying to pursue me. However, when I was in traffic, in the middle of it all, it only took me one time to realize that not running behind your pads can be harmful for your health. I can't think of the name of the guy, but it was a linebacker from the Cardinals while they were in Phoenix. He blew me up. He smacked me on the 6- or 7-yard line and I was thrown off the 2. He helped me stand up and said, "Hey, Bo I'm looking at you, Bo. You have to help me earn my money. You have to be more consistent. I'm staring at him like, "You've done lost your damn mind. I'm not going down that hole no more. In the next game I bounced it off the wall and ran at my speed.

    Editor's note: In fourth quarter of a game with the Raiders as well as the Broncos in the month of December. 2 1990, Jackson scored a 62-yard running touchdown. He broke five tackles to get to the goal line. Jackson ended the day with 13 carries for 217 yards and scored two touchdowns.

    In that game [Denver] after I cleared all the players, I ran into an offensive linebacker. I then jumped over somebody else. And , if I'm not wrong I struck their All-Pro linebacker [Karl] Mecklenburg, and outran the defensive back up to the goal line. That's one thing that sticks out to me since I had to do everything from the sidelines to make someone miss, jump down, to get low and run for 60 yards for one touchdown.

    What was the first thought that came to your mind when you first saw yourself on the Madden cover?

    I just sat and thought, "Man, you're still getting it. I've done something right. This is the advice I give to guys that are similar to Derrick Henry and Saquon Barkley: Do it right. If you do it right the first time, you'll be remembered for a lifetime.

    The Madden curse can't affect you in the moment you think?

    How do you get rid of the Madden curse? [Laughs.] It's not going on with me.

    You didn't play with yourself in Tecmo Bowl. Will you play with yourself in Madden?

    I'm not sure. What I am doing right now is spending a lot in time playing with my brand new grandchild. So I'll probably get the game and keep it for him. However, I'm looking forward to it coming out. You can bet that I'll be carrying my stash of Madden games to buy Madden 22 coins distribute as Christmas gifts.