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Helm of Neitiznot is a great 'balanced' helm

  • I'm looking to improve in runningescape. I want to be like the elite people who have level 120, complete bandsos and a godsword. I have 30, 000 in my account. I own a full rune an ax of neit with OSRS gold about 200k, as well as a bunch of junk. I would like to assist me in becoming proficient at the game , tell me what I should do to improve my game and how to earn cash. I'll need to go to school so I do not have the time to go out and get 99 slayers or whatever. I require money, high combat and power thank you for your help.

    The training of slayers in a way, but not necessarily for 99, is an excellent opportunity to earn high-quality combat and earn money. You can do the quest monkey mania and swap your dragon longsword by a scimitar that has a higher attack speed but less power. Consider getting full void , which will allow you to more effective in combat and perform tasks faster. Guthan's set is also helpful because it helps you heal so that you don't have to eat when you are working.

    Slayer is a fun way to increase your melee power, so if you're engaging in training, do it. It's a nice method to break the repetativeness of training on a single monster. There is no way to tell if someone doesn't have 85 Slayer, Abby whips are about 1 in 540, not more than 125 kills while camping. And the main profit in Slayer does not come from massive drops, but from tiny ones that accumulate over time along with clues in case you make them and skilled at running herb runs between your tasks.

    Okay, you're right, i dont have 85 slayer. However, it doesn't mean I don't have a clue about it. There have been reports of having no whip drop within 4-6 hours of constantly killing. The reality is that the whip is one of the rare drops. Any help site that you visit will indicate the whip as one of them.

    The odds of getting whips within a 75-125 kill zone is possible however, it is not tipacal. However, it is it is possible. There is a greater possibility of getting it within the range of 1-540 kills. However, it is possible to not be able to get one. Also, if you ask anyone about the reason they train slayers it's nearly always because of the huge drops. Examples include whips from abby deamons and sol from ice strykewyrms,, etc.

    If they are able to get these drops most of their earnings won't come from these particularly on ice wyrms, as They have incredible drops, the SOL is just a tiny bonus. The 1/540 comes from the average dropped (mite be 520 but I'm not sure) but it's a result of players who report how many kills are required for a whip to be obtained, and yes, it is possible to be in your range, but that's not the drop rate.

    Helm of Neitiznot is a great 'balanced' helm, get Verac's/Torag's helm to get more defensive stats , or a Fighter hat for offensive stats (about equal stats with a Rune full helm but with bonuses in cheap RS gold attacks like Stab, Slash and Crush attacks)