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"I enjoy (the extra responsibility)," Madden said.

  • Blue River's guards aren't as experienced as in previous years and in games when teams play an aggressive defense similar to Madden 22 coins Wapahani did, the 6-foot-1 Madden assists in bringing the ball back up when the guard is trapped.

    Halfcourt plays also run through Madden. Bales The goal of Bales is to get the ball to her down low to either score or kick-out to shooters when the defense collapses. Madden is executing a lot of quick swing passes which has led to an impressive career-high 2.5 assists per game thus far.

    "I love (the increased accountability)," Madden said. "I am aware that sometimes I'm successful in getting the team on track so I'm sure that whenever we can be able to get the ball moving fast with me present, that could assist us in gaining more motivation."

    Madden's offensive accomplice is Chamberlin, whose perimeter skillset coincides perfectly with Madden's inner presence. Even though Chamberlin has struggled shooting the ball to start this season, she scored 15.9 scores per game last year, shooting 45% of her total shots and 72 triples at a rate of 41.

    Her passing might be her greatest contribution, as what Blue River boasts in shooting it's lacking in guard playmaking. Chamberlin's 3.2 assists per game has grown to 4.3 per game as of this season, and the protection she receives makes Madden as well as the other shooters on the team excel.

    "We've certainly gotten closer then when she first appeared. She was a little shy initially however now she and her laugh around. We know each other when we play," Madden said. "My sophomore year, we did not have any (knockdown) shooter So the method they used to stop us was to play me up in the post. That's why we fell in semi-state. The fact that we have Maci available helps a lot."

    "It provides us with an inside-out punch," Bales said. "Her performance is exemplary ... she's seen the floor extremely well, and she's very unselfish."

    The halfcourt offense also runs through Madden. Bales are trying to make sure she gets the ball down low so she can either score or kick-out to shooters when the defense collapses. Madden has been doing lots of quick swing passes as a result, which has led to the highest career average of 2.5 assists per game to date.

    "I enjoy (the extra responsibility)," Madden said. "I recognize that sometimes I'm able to get the team up and running which is why I think whenever we can get the ball going quickly, and buy Madden nfl 22 coins me being present, it will aid in getting us motivated."