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New World: Azoth fast travel system makes players feel tired

  • As the current fast travel system is ruining the fun of Amazon's MMO New World, many players have expressed their concerns.

    Since New World was launched in late September, it has received a lot of criticism. But the New World Coins liquidity of the Aeternum world is still a hot issue for players.

    In the game, players can use fast travel points in addition to walking without a mount or vehicle. However, these need to pay a price. Moreover, these costs are even unbearable in some cases.

    In New World, if players want to use fast travel, they need to spend Azoth. Azoth can be obtained by killing mobs or completing missions, but there is a limit on the number of Azoth you can have at one time. In addition, the cost of travel is also affected by distance, weight, and the faction that owns the territory.

    In view of all the above, players expressed dissatisfaction with this system, and even a post claiming that the Azoth ceiling is depriving some players of the motivation and overall experience of playing the game.

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