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In contrast to quality assurance Quality Control is a term that

  • In many cases, international importers purchasing products from Asia find themselves in the position of having to guarantee the quality of their goods.   After all, importers are required to bear full responsibility for the quality inspection china  of their products in accordance with national safety, health, and other regulatory requirements.   A high level of quality is required by their customers as well.   Despite the fact that many Asian suppliers prefer to operate independently, the importer must strike the right balance between Pre-Shipment Inspection assurance and quality control.  .  

    quality inspection   assurance vs.   quality control are defined in detail below.  
    A supplier inspection services Assurance (QA) program is a process for ensuring that products and services meet specified standards.  
    It is a proactive and continuous approach that involves putting in place systems, processes, and actions that are tailored to specific requirements.  .  It entails the continuous improvement of processes as well as the establishment of an adequate quality management system, which is typically based on the ISO 9001 international Factory Audit management system standards.  











    Quality Control (QC) is a term used to describe the process of ensuring that products and services meet specified standards and requirements.  
    Reactionary in nature, it concentrates on the products themselves and what has been manufactured.   Thus, potential nonconformities can be identified and corrected before they become a problem on the job.  

    If we live in an ideal world of Asian sourcing, we would distinguish between Production Monitoring Service assurance and quality control.  
    In the past, local suppliers manufactured goods, and buyers purchased the goods and shipped their cargoes to Western countries (this is a simplified version; the reality is much more complicated).