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Because you are unfamiliar with this Lost Ark Guide

  • When you get to the very last platform of Vultan, it is absolutely essential for you to be able to recognize each of the eight distinct abilities that Fulton employs.

    I will first become proficient in these essential abilities that you absolutely must recall, and then I will review running in real time so that you can see how everything works in practice. In my view, the majority of players are eliminated by these fundamental abilities, which is distinct from the primary gimmicks that the vast majority of people discuss, given that the vast majority of you are already familiar with these primary gimmicks. In addition to having incredible graphics that are powered by the fantasy engine 4, the new PC version of Dragon Raja provides you with some of the most imaginative courses I have ever seen in a video game. I mean, take a look at this course for soul dancers, and make yourself the ideal character in this game that is not restricted to either gender. Create your own personal adventure team with your friends, or explore a transparent dungeon by yourself and compete for ranks and rewards with other players. Or, if combat is not your thing, you can look forward to some of the most impressive personal housing functions that the game has to offer. If you are serious about participating in social activities, there is no need for  Lost Ark gold to visit actual clubs. If you want to play a new massively multiplayer online game (MMO) on your personal computer before you can go to them to shoot some digital games and play some digital games, please click the link in the description below. Please check out the Dragon Rogers newPC client if you are interested in playing a new massively multiplayer online game on your personal computer. If you use the code that is provided below, you will be eligible to receive a unique and exclusive gift.

    All right, let's go through them one at a time shall we? In front of the safe deposit box, you will see a large red telegram. No matter whether the vault catches the person or not, they will remain motionless for a few seconds, indicating that they have made a very significant mistake. It is followed by Vaulten's counterattack, which I call the hilt. It represents a fast blue flash parachutist who pulls his axe back for a few seconds, and then swings his axe in this animation. The huge yellow telegram covers almost half of the platform and shoots a gun at anyone standing on the platform. If Lost Ark gold online attack him while he is in the charging stage, Buy cheap Lost Ark gold will be playing for the white team.

    When you get to this point, a telegram depicting a red circle will show up on vaulting. It will tell you that his whirlwind attack is far away from the red circle, which means that you will not be knocked down by it. After locking onto the target, Valton will leap into the air and swing his axe in front of him three times. He will perform this action twice, and after that, the third forward smash is very straightforward. This will be the third time in a row that Volton will smash here.

    The skill that needs to be recognized is that his three swings in the smash pattern fall will swing to the left like a swing to t attack, but after the first swing, he will not hesitate, but will swing again after seeing the second swing, and immediately move to the internal vault at close range, because he will smash the ground in front of him, The skill that needs to be recognized is that his three swings in the smash pattern fall will swing to the left like a swing to t attack. At the same time, a massive red telegram will be produced, which will strike anyone in the area around him as well as anyone who is behind him. Following the explosion of the red telegram, he will wave his axe a third time to produce a large red telegram on the shooting range.

    Simply look at it and yell at it while you're walking. The first occurrence of this occurred. The first major gimmick that was used was hiding a large yellow telegram. He is responsible for making sure that the red telegram does not cover up any of his other teammates. This will cause the rock that it hits to explode, and then, once that rock has exploded, the rest of the rocks will also explode, as should be fairly obvious at this point. The very first mechanism that we find in this location is an older version of one of the two abilities that I did not mention earlier because, technically speaking, they are not yet in the ghost stage. The first opponent that you and your team will face off against in the first stage is the reed. Earlier, you will completely destroy your team in this area.

    After the big red telegram, which represents the whirlwind attack, goes around the vault in the vault representing the whirlwind attack, you will see him alternate between front and rear smashes. In the most recent smash, the basket is significantly larger than usual. Now Walton goes for another bull rush, but our team is prepared for it. After that, he jumps here, which is the only other skill that he possesses.

    Be careful not to get hit by the chase as it approaches before the ghost stage because he will jump forward and produce an earthquake in front of him as well as behind him. After that, he executes the swing to t skill, which is exactly what he does in this instance. As a result of Walton's counterattack, we are standing directly beneath his sword; therefore,  will fail here.

    This is the final ability that he will actually put to use before  advance him to the next level. Players will typically only call Balfour in most situations.

    This is what goes on in this location. You will only succeed in avoiding the warning telegram in red. Then you have no choice but to take cover behind those rocks and wait for the volton to detonate.

    The smashing that occurs after two jumps looks like this. A target that can fight back is one that should be locked. Because the ghost materializes, all  have to do is watch Vultan's actions while simultaneously observing the ghost's behavior. This is his whirlwind, as it were.

    There is also the capture telegram that he sends out, which is always followed by breathing, regardless of whether or not he actually catches someone. You have to position yourself at the base of the mountain. You will see that one of my teammates ran away because he stood too close to the axe. The reason for this is going to be obvious to you. My teammates have the ability to launch a counterattack from the top of the screen behind him. This is the third smash that he will perform, and I will counterattack the ghost. At the conclusion of it all, he now turns around and then draws his axe from its sheath. At this point in the game, this ability is utilized by valton quite frequently. His jump smash looks like this. If Lost Ark gold are curious as to why the individual on the left was not defeated, the answer is that he is resistant to being pushed.

    Because of his identity posture, he is exempt from CC. The gunrider is able to ignore many of these machines. Now jump high and enter his three front smash there. When I pick up the counter on the left and jump into his swing to t smash, I have to be careful because there is a red telegram on the perimeter there, which you can see there because I just dodge a little bit. Now jump into his double swing to smash skill, You must be close to melee distance now jump into his capture animation telegram turn fast 180 to do the strike animation, and then he enters his front to back smash alternate skill. Afterwards, he will enter his front to back smash alternate skill.